‘Workaholics’ Star Anders Holm Is Ready To Spread His Wings As Fox’s ‘Pigeon’

Move over, Goodfeathers. Fox has a new “pigeon” that they’re fawning over.

Workaholics star Anders Holm and veteran The Office writers/producers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are aligning forces for a new private investigator comedy eyed for network TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pigeon has a “hefty” put-pilot commitment at Fox and that sounds about right for this sort of thing. The single-camera comedy will also have Holm on as an executive producer and maybe he’ll find time to DJ the wrap party.

Eisenberg and Stupinsky have a (largely shared) résumé that inspires additional confidence in the project. In addition to the duo’s work with The Office, the two also helped usher Stephen Merchant‘s Hello Ladies into our world and we’ve successfully pushed their co-penned Year One out of our minds with the assistance of alcohol, so it’s all good vibes on our end.

The program will revolve around Holm as Simon Pigeon. The titular Pigeon if you will. He’s a brilliant private eye, but as is the case with most misunderstood TV folks that are good at their job, his personal life isn’t all it could be. We’re pretty sure Holm will do a bang-up job in the role and that might be enough to fill the eventual Workaholics-shaped hole in your heart.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)