‘Anderson’ Canceled. Now Who Will Condescend Famewhores?

This is terrible news: An anonymous executive at Warner Brothers studio, Telepictures has announced that Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, Anderson, will not be picked up for a third season. Clearly, the announcement was strategic in nature, timed during the Hurricane Sandy to avoid the outrage from the TENS of people who will be upset that there will be one less daytime talk show polluting the airwaves next year.

Actually, I’m kind of bummed about it; I don’t watch daytime talk shows, but if I did, I’d probably watch Anderson, as he’s the only talk show host who invites reality show stars and other fame whores on his show for sole purpose of berating them. Plus, you have to respect anyone that destroys Star Jones on national television, calls people morons on Twitter, and dresses down an airline passenger for taking his picture on a plane (“Bitch. What the f*** are you doing?“).

That is to say, I’m not sad that there’s one less daytime talk show, but I am sad that it means less Anderson Cooper in our lives. However, as long as CNN remains the NBC of 24-hour newschannels, we’ll always have the low-rated Anderson Cooper 360, where Cooper giggles every week night.

Anderson will continue to run through next summer.

(Source: NYTimes)