Anderson Cooper Destroyed Star Jones Today And It Was Delicious

Let me begin this by saying that I am openly in the tank for Anderson Cooper. I think he’s a great interviewer, I think he does some of the best television journalism out there today, I think he should moderate every presidential debate, and I think he was the best fill-in co-host on Regis & Kelly before he got his own morning show late last year. Most of all, though, I love when he gets mean. When he really wants to, he absolutely eviscerates people. And today, on the aforementioned morning show, he really wanted to.

Brief backstory: As you probably know, Anderson Cooper came out of the closet recently. It wasn’t a huge surprise by any means, but still, it was news. And after it happened, former co-host of The View Star Jones insinuated that he came out to boost his ratings. Cooper and guest co-host Andy Cohen, who I am dedcidely not in the tank for, point out the flaws in this logic for a minute or two (namely that Cooper wasn’t on television at the time because he was in Africa, which meant he couldn’t do the whole “Very Special Episode” thing), but then the claws come out and he hits her for hawking her wedding on TV and denying that she got gastric bypass surgery. It is a first-round TKO and it is delightful.


via NY Daily News