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Anderson Cooper is in Port-au-Prince as part of CNN’s extensive coverage of the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake that has left the country in chaotic ruins. (Cooper described the scene as “hellish, but not as bad as New Year’s Eve with Kathy Griffin.”) In the video below, Cooper pulls a boy away from a looting scene after the young man suffered a bloody head injury. It’s all very heroic-seeming, until Wolf Blitzer delivers the denoument:

“Anderson tells us that boy was led away by other people; we don’t know what happened.”

Dammit, you handsome gay silver fox! You have to follow through with these things. “What? I figured he’d be okay. Sure, he was bleeding profusely from his head, but the medical infrastructure in the country is still intact, right?”

On a more serious note, that’s a hell of a lot more than I’ve done for anyone in Haiti, so I can’t really criticize anyone’s decisions on the ground there. In better news, the U.S. Marines have joined the relief effort, and if anyone can un-f*ck the chickensh*t operation of the UN, it’s the Marines. Haha, just kidding. NO ONE can un-f*ck the UN.

(If you haven’t really followed the Haiti story, these graphic pictures will catch you up to speed in a hurry. Warning: do NOT click that link if you’re a pussy.)

UPDATE: more photos and Cooper’s take on the situation over at his blog.

(video via BuzzFeed)

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