Anderson Cooper Took Time Out From Dodging Bombs In Gaza Last Night To Eviscerate Some Twitter Trolls

11.20.12 41 Comments

As you may have heard, Anderson Cooper is in Gaza reporting on the latest Israeli/Palestinian conflict for CNN and doing his best not to get exploded in the process. This would probably be too much of a task for a normal human being for them to have the time or inclination to flame wingnut Twitter trolls on the side — but Anderson Cooper is no normal human being.

Why would anyone take issue with the Silver Fox risking his life to report from a war zone in the first place? Well, there’s a certain strain of wingnut that believes that, because Jesus was born there or something, Israel is infallible and can do whatever the hell it wants, while also believing that, because of 9/11, all Muslims are evil and should probably be killed. So the fact that Cooper is actually in Gaza reporting on both sides of the conflict is akin to treason to them or something. DANG LIBRUL MEDIA!

Enter Saucy Anderson Cooper

I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to burn someone for being a lazy, stay-on-the-couch chip eater, Fritos is the chip of choice for inflicting maximum burn, because Fritos are just terrible.

With that said, this here is some next level troll flaming…

You see what Anderson did there? He actually dug into her Twitter history for material and dropped a “coconut flan” bomb on this idiot. Well done, AC. Very well done. These Laker fan bros are certainly impressed…

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