Andrew Lincoln Thinks That Negan’s Entrance On ‘The Walking Dead’ Is ‘The Greatest Ever Written’

The Walking Dead has reached an interesting peak: how can they possibly say more about Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, without actually telling us anything? The hype surrounding the arrival of the ultimate big bad is at a fever pitch, but Rick Grimes himself is here to make the wait even more difficult.

Andrew Lincoln recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly regarding Negan and Lucille’s arrival, and while he reveals nothing concrete (par for the course at this point), he has nothing but praise for executive producer Greg Nicotero’s episode.

“You know …” he begins, before laughing again. “Just get ready, man. Just get ready.”

“I read the script and I went, ‘This is the greatest entrance ever written.’ ”

While it almost seems impossible for The Walking Dead to not crumble under such huge expectations, Lincoln is confident that they will not be disappointed in Negan’s arrival.

“We’ve been talking about this guy for a long time. It’s probably the most important casting since Rick, really. Everybody needs a hero, but I think they probably need a really good baddie even more. Negan’s incredibly charismatic. In this deranged society, there is a kind of logic to the way that he is running the place. He runs a tight ship, I’ll tell you that much. I’m actually very impressed. I doff my cap to this man!”

As for the finale itself?

“It’s an incredibly brilliant and well constructed and tense final episode,” says Lincoln. “It’s really dark, man. It’s really dark.”

Because The Walking Dead is usually sunshine and roses. Luckily, the wait is over on Sunday, and we’ll finally know whether or not we have to riot.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)