Andrew Lincoln Promises A ‘Walking Dead’ Fifth Season With Zombies Riding Sharks Throwing Snakes

08.01.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

And not only that, but Andrew Lincoln — who plays Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead — tells series creator Robert Kirkman that those zombies riding sharks throwing snakes come from Norman Reedus’ underwear, before quickly backtracking and revealing that no, that’s actually where crabs come from. (Oooof).

… and then after having a few moments of fun and showing a sense of humor we’re not accustomed to seeing from him on the show, Andrew Lincoln returns to the company line. He goes back to saying ridiculously hyperbolic, effusive statements, like that the fifth season opener is the best episode of the series, so far.

I’ll believe that when zombies riding sharks throwing snakes shows up, which — come to think of it —

Source: Skybound

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