A Comprehensive Guide To Andy ‘Nard-Dog’ Bernard’s Musical Moments From ‘The Office’

01.24.15 3 years ago 11 Comments
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Did you know Andy “Nard Dog” Bernard from The Office went to Cornell? Or that he sang in the A capella group Here Comes Treble? Or that he has some serious guitar and banjo playing chops? Yeah, you probably knew all that. But it’s Ed Helms birthday so here’s a reminder of that last one with all of Andy’s most memorable musical moments in one place!

His A Cappella Version of “Drift Away”

His Oompa Loompa Parody

The Time He Sang About The Naked Ladies In France

His “Ang-er-ella” Rhianna Parody

His “Rockin’ Robin” Ringtone

The A Cappella Version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” With Jim

“The Rainbow Connection” to Pam

When He Performed Sweeney Todd

His Duet Of “Country Roads” with Dwight

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