Andy Rooney Is a Real A-Hole

There was some excellent TV journalism on “60 Minutes” last night, none of which had anything to do with Andy Rooney. If you want to learn or see something worthwhile, I recommend watching the piece about the relationship between Fort Bragg and the tsunami-ravaged city of Otsuchi, or the jaw-dropping life of Alex Honnold, the best solo free climber in the world.

But of course the big news is that Andy Rooney closed the show for what we hope will be a final time (above), which was preceded by a 13-minute interview/retrospective puff piece about the curmudgeonly 92-year-old (video of that below). And here’s the short version: Andy Rooney is a real dick. He’s not just a grump on TV, he also resents being recognized by fans, refuses to sign autographs, and doesn’t respond to any fan mail. So if you see Andy Rooney on the street or in a restaurant, don’t say hello. Tell him “f*ck you.”