Andy Samberg Finally Joined Twitter And Is Hell-Bent On Bringing Back Planking

Golden Globe and Emmy-winner Andy Samberg is hosting the Emmys on September 20, so this bright, young up-and-comer is doing a little self-promotion these days. For starters, he finally joined Twitter, and as the internet’s newest tweeter, he would really like to bring planking back. In case you slept through the year 2011, planking looks exactly like this:

And even though we’re four years removed from it, Samberg is ready. Not quite ready for Twitter because he’s tweeted exactly one time, but give him time. He’s a busy man. Busy bringing back planking. But he doesn’t want to be a viral sensation; he really just wants to save all the “floppy cores” he’s been seeing all over the place.

Andy Samberg’s core is ready for planking. Hell, it’s been four years in the making, for all we know. Is your core ready for a planking comeback? Jimmy Fallon is ready. So ready that he immediately double-planked right on top of Andy, which, ironically enough, was a real-person fan fiction that I wrote in 2009. I was clearly ahead of my time.

Source: The Tonight Show