Andy Samberg Revisits An ‘SNL’ Sketch That Was Cut For Good Reason With Seth Meyers

Second Chance Theatre is certainly one of the most promising aspects of Seth Meyers hosting a late night TV show. It’s the perfect space to bring those weird, rejected SNL sketches to life when his old castmates stop by for a little promotion. In the past, we’ve seen Jason Sudeikis bring back his frustrated juggler sketch and now Andy Samberg brings back his old hair and a sketch that runs fairly close to reality.

“Wanna Come With” has a simple premise and would’ve definitely been one of those SNL sketches that annoyed the hell out of weekly viewers, but here it works. As Samberg points out in the post-sketch chat, it works when they note that the sketch will be terrible before doing it. If they could do that on SNL, people might be less frustrated.

Samberg sells it well, though, and the presence of Kenan Thompson helps it along. Greta Gerwig is a welcome presence too, even though her character is essentially pointless. She probably did want to go with to the head, though.

The post show chat is also worth a watch, with Colin Jost joining to chat due to his co-writer credit on the sketch. As it turns out, Samberg always asks people to go to the bathroom with him. It’s a little odd until you think about it a bit. Who doesn’t want a little company int he bathroom?