Andy Serkis Could’ve Easily Brought An Evil Jar Jar Binks To Life In ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Count your blessings, folks. We could’ve possibly had Jar Jar Binks in The Force Awakens if we had cracked wise or shunned a new Star Wars movie. It’s not like Disney cares, with their army of cash machines and animatronics. When a man in a Donald Duck costume shows up at your front door with a bat in hand, you know you’ve done the wrong thing.

But with Andy Serkis, they have a talent that could’ve played two characters at once in the new film. And they could’ve taken their punishment to a new level of pain by bringing back Jar Jar Binks. An evil Jar Jar Binks. I know what you’re probably saying to yourself right now: Isn’t Jar Jar Binks naturally evil? Sure. He’s a being created out of pure spite by a man who never learned how to properly trim his beard. But Serkis whipped out a Jar Jar Binks impression on Conan and it’s scary how good it is.

At first, I thought it was Gollum playing Jar Jar Binks as an evil Sith lord, but I soon found out it wasn’t. And my mind wandered into dark territory, a place where Jar Jar starred in The Force Awakens and Chewie was constantly doing “foot stuff” with all the members of the cast. All that hair is going to need some cleaning.

(Via Team Coco)