Angie Harmon Is Always The Man In ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Lesbian Fan Fiction

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07.09.13 10 Comments


I’ve never caught an episode of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles but I’ve seen enough promos and Danger Guerrero tweets to know at least three-quarters of the viewing audience spend entire episodes in full NOW KISS mode. What I did not realize however is that there’s an abundance of lesbian fan fiction dedicated to the show on the internet, which is a bit of a shock to me as I was under the impression I followed all the preeminent lesbian fan fic writers on Tumblr.

It turns out — as given away in the title — Angie Harmon and Angie Harmon’s Kathleen Turner voice are ALWAYS depicted in the masculine role in these lacy gems of online literature. ALWAYS. Probably, you know, because of the voice. Conan and Angie begin discussing the phenomenon around the 1:10 mark below. Nothing too juicy, unless you count Andy’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things Silk Stalkings and Armie Hammer’s endless enjoyment of said knowledge. Pretty sure all involved headed to a cabaret show directly after filming.

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