Comedian Beth Stelling Smears Both Sexes Equally In Season Premiere Of ‘The Desk’

In the year 2016, it’s true… women are everywhere. At work. On the streets. In politics. I guarantee if you look out your window right now, you’ll probably see one.

That’s why stand-up comic Beth Stelling (also known as “the white Tisha Campbell”) is one of the most uniquely qualified people to put all these women in their proper places. Stelling is young. She’s female. She’s the person we hired to man The Desk. If that’s not serendipity, what is?

Stelling covers a lot of ground on The Desk‘s season premiere. She dedicates herself to “an equal smearing of the sexes.” Hits Chris Christie below the belt buckle. Talks about a cutthroat presidential race that until recently had a “record number of two females.” Even shares that she was “medically denied access to all the Internet comments on her videos.”

Slight overshare? Maybe. You decide.

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