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It’s already been established that David E. Kelley’s upcoming Wonder Woman remake will be ridiculous and horrible, albeit sexy. With sexiness at the center of its appeal, the all-important costume reveal becomes even more significant than other comic book adaptations, seeing as how the wrong outfit will totally throw off the fanboy fapping.

Well, Adrianne Palicki’s costume was first revealed to the public late last week. And the hue and cry was swift and Doritos Late Night encrusted.

“Gahhh! Garish colors! Eagle covering cleavage! Conspicuous absence of star-spangled thong!”

I don’t get it. Wonder Woman has never exactly been known for understated costume design, but I suppose the masses were hoping for something in keeping with all-black-everything contemporary trend in superhero aesthetic. Why toy with the kitschy classics? Lynda Carter has already said she approves. And if my go-to Dr. Katz reference gets any more dated, I’ll be a squiggly sad face.

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