Angry Parents Now Attacking Toys ‘R’ Us For Selling Kardashian Clothes, Arguing It Promotes Sex Tapes

Another day, another stupid protest: Protesters are now launching a campaign to gets Toys ‘R Us to drop its Kardashian Kids clothing at Toys R’ Us and Babies ‘R Us. They’ve put together a petition and amassed over 1000 signatures, so far.

Why, you ask? Because as Amie Logan of Roeland Park, Kansas, who started the petition, notes, according to Radar:

“I don’t want my child to grow up to be a Sex Tape star. You pulled the Breaking Bad toys because they promoted Drug use. You should pull this clothing line because it promotes bad behavior as well. The madness has to stop. If the toys are damaging so is the clothing.”

And there’s your slippery slope, folks. Toys R’ Us caved on to one angry mom about Breaking Bad toys, and now they’ve got to contend with this. If they cave here, then moms will probably want My Little Pony banned for encouraging the kind of bullying that drives 11 year olds to suicide. And then Strawberry Shortcake will have to be banned because lobbyists in the blueberry industry started a petition, and then alphabet blocks will be banned because illiterates think they’re too snobby.

LISTEN CAREFULLY PARENTS: You do not need to have toys banned from Toys ‘R Us. If you do not want your children to have those toys, follow these simple directions: DO NOT BUY THEM. Or better yet, don’t go to Toys R’ Us. Your kids are going to be monsters there, anyway.

Personally, I’d buy my daughters Breaking Bad toys before I put them in Kardashian clothes. Hell, I’d given them meth before letting them wear Kardashian merchandise (that’s a joke, please do not call child services), but I do not give a rat’s ass what Toys R’ Us offers for sale. You don’t need a goddamn retailer to do your parenting for you, folks. The way you coddle your kids is bad enough; now you need to be coddled yourself?

Use some of that energy toward something productive like, for instance, take your kid to the park and shut up about the toys available to be purchased AT A TOY STORE.

Source: Radar