Animal Planet Will Air A One-Hour Documentary Titled ‘The Hero Dogs Of 9/11’

Animal Planet has acquired the rights to The Hero Dogs of 9/11, a one-hour documentary that first aired on Animal Planet in Canada two years ago, and the network plans to show it here in America to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. From Deadline:

More than 300 dogs were used in the rescue and recovery operation. One of the survivors profiled, who is blind, was led out of the building by his seeing eye dog. Another, who’d been working at the scene with a bomb-sniffing dog, was pulled from the rubble by a rescue dog. The third was the last survivor to be discovered by a dog and pulled from the rubble, 27 hours after the center collapsed.

The trailer is below. If this documentary is 10% as good as it should be, I am going to end up melted on the floor in a puddle of tears and human emotion.

One other note: At the end of the trailer, they make reference to this documentary being the pilot episode of a series called World’s Greatest Hero Dogs. I looked high and low for an update on this series, but all I could find was an outdated website and a trailer on Vimeo, so it looks like it might be a no go. The whole thing is almost as upsetting as the time TNT passed on the series starring Tricia Helfer as “a tenacious, strong-willed K-9 Search and Rescue volunteer who works with an equally determined partner — her mischievous golden retriever.” I’m still bitter about that. It couldn’t have been worse than King & Maxwell.

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