Remembering The Craziest Moments From The First Season Of ‘Animals’

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Most animals are cute, cuddly and generally welcoming to humans. (Or at least this is what sharing viral cat memes online has taught us.) When it comes to the New Yorkers of HBO’s Animals, however, not all the world’s critters are like those seen in your favorite YouTube clip. Though they’re just as memorable as the best doges and cheezburgers the internet has to offer, especially since Animals‘ characters experience some of life’s most awkward, hilarious, and violent moments.

Let’s review some of the more crazy highlights from season one.

The background story of Animals involves the city mayor and his various shady dealings. Yet his narrative only serves to flesh out the show’s non-human characters. Like Fink (Jason Mantzoukas), a hard-partying rat with one goal in mind: partying.

That, and making as many babies with as many lady rats as possible. Something that, despite popping rat poison for its “enhancing” effects, this ladies’ man succeeds at with flying colors.

Speaking of babies, a pigeon named Phil (Phil Matarese) wakes up one morning with a golf ball — otherwise known as a “white guy white ball.”

Since Phil has never seen a white guy white ball before, he assumes it’s an egg and begins questioning his gender identity. This transforms into a love affair with Jerry (Nick Kroll), a hard-edged New Jersey pigeon who still loves Phil despite his late realization about the egg/ball.

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