The ‘Animaniacs’ Are Going On Tour (With A Brand New ‘Yakko’s World’)

Has anyone ever had a better year than Steven Spielberg did in 1993? Jurassic Park was released to audiences desperate for dinosaurs, Schindler’s List would go on to win seven Oscars, and Animaniacs, which he produced, premiered on Fox Kids. It’s one of the animated shows released in the post-Simpsons boom that holds up the best — as a kid, you loved the slapstick and bright colors; as an adult, you appreciate the dirty Prince jokes.

Both children and grownups alike rejoiced last week, when it was announced every season of Animaniacs is now streaming on Netflix Instant. Once you make your way through all 99 episodes, and re-learn the lyrics to “Be Careful What You Eat,” be sure to check you out if Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, or the actors and actress who voice them, are coming to a water tower near you.

Starting this year, Mr. [Rob] Paulsen, 60, plans to reunite with the voices of Wakko (Jess Harnell) and Dot (Tress MacNeille) on tour to perform many of the show’s memorable songs, including Wakko’s list of American states and their capitals and a recollection of all of the U.S. presidents. This time, the voice actors will be backed by a full orchestra, as they were with the Colorado Symphony in 2014.

History buffs might be glad to hear that Mr. Paulsen will perform a new verse of “Yakko’s World,” which was written [by Randy Rogel] before the Soviet Union broke up, in 1991. (Via)

If only Animaniacs had a song about algebra. Then maybe I would have passed ninth grade math. That’s on you, Steven Spielberg.

(Via the New York Times)

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