Ann Curry Made An Understandable Boo-Boo

Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling were on “The Today Show” this morning to talk about holiday books, and during their discussion Ann Curry made one of the more embarrassing slips of the tongue you can imagine. And by that I mean she said “semen.” In front of Bill Clinton.

We’ve had some fun with Ann Curry around here before (“Good morning good morning everybody, in the news this morning good morning”), but this one’s perfectly understandable. I imagine when you sit down to talk with Bill Clinton your brain is just going apesh-t repeating “DON’T SAY SEMEN DON’T SAY SEMEN PLEASE GOD DON’T SAY SEMEN” over and over while you try to stare him in the eye and act as normal as possible. Then they give her a name that starts with S-E-A like “Seamus”? That’s just unfair, regardless of the name’s actual pronunciation. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a set up. Probably that goon Lauer. People who travel around the world in secrecy are not to be trusted.

via Guyism