Anna Faris Is Really Stoked About This Butt Sex Joke

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Take this job at CBS, Anna Faris, but beware, it carries a terrible curse.

That’s bad.

But it comes with a lot of money.

That’s good!

The money comes from Chuck Lorre’s sweaty, clammy hands.

That’s bad.

Those hands also write the episodes that will hopefully turn you into the star you were always meant to be.

That’s good!


…Can I go now?

NO. Give me one good anecdote involving butt sex…NOW.

Right around Christmas, a mystery envelope arrived on [Faris’s] doorstep. “It wasn’t from my agency or my manager,” says Faris. “There was no note.” It was Lorre’s script, which she put on the kitchen table unopened. Pratt found it, made it to page two, and insisted that she read it. “He’s like, ‘This is you.’”

To be clear: Her husband did not mean that Faris is a recovering alcoholic with an ungrateful daughter, a boss for a boyfriend, and an estranged mother with substance-abuse issues of her own, all of which accurately describes Mom’s Christy. It was the character’s “desperate, frazzled” quality and natural vulnerability (she invites strangers to her house, remember) that Pratt recognized in Faris, who has a penchant for wacky, screwed-up characters, like the handsy Britney Spears wanna­be in 2005’s Just Friends, or Brandi, the boozy makeup counter girl in 2009’s Observe and Report. Faris also likes to push the boundaries of taste, which is maybe why she was drawn to Mom, a multi-camera family sitcom that somehow sneaks jokes about alcoholism, cocaine, adultery, and teen pregnancy onto network television. “We have, like, an anal-sex joke!” Faris says gleefully. “It’s amazing!”

Very good, Anna. Can you tell me what the joke is?

Well, the Christian girl says, “Hymen? More like bye-bye, man, it’s butt city for you tonight.”

That’s bad.

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