She Is The One Who Looks Like A Knockout: 8 Reasons Why Anna Gunn Might Be ‘Breaking Bad’s Best Actor

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08.04.13 22 Comments

It’s easy to hate Skyler White, mostly because she isn’t Walter White or Jesse Pinkman. She’s not out there killing people and making drugs and robbing trains, acts that we would consider reprehensible in real life, but find fascinating when they’re fictionalized on TV. We know people like Skyler in our lives; she’s the rational one, telling her husband, brother, whomever that, no, beginning a meth empire or throwing a baseball against the side of the house probably isn’t the best idea. Now go to your room. We don’t know any Walter Whites (at least I hope not), though, and that’s why we’re instinctively fascinated of him, and why Bryan Cranston wins all the awards.

But that’s not giving actress Anna Gunn nearly enough credit for her transformation, one that nearly tops what Cranston has gone through over the course of five seasons. On Breaking Bad, Gunn, as Skyler, so often looks tired, exhausted, puffy, beaten down by having to live with her monster husband. It’s an incredible performance, made all the more spectacular by how she, not as Skyler, looked during the show’s New York premiere.

She is the one who looks like an unrecognizable knockout, and might be the best show’s best actor.

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