Anna Kendrick Told Stephen Colbert About That Time She Called Obama An ‘A-Hole’

If Barack Obama wasn’t already cool enough, know this: You can call him an “a**hole” to his face and you’ll make him laugh. At least if you’re Anna Kendrick.

The actress swung by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday night to promote her new film, A Simple Favor. But she was also there to explain an Instagram photo she published of her making our previous commander-in-chief double-over in laughter.

The year was 2012, and Kendrick found herself invited to the White House with about 30 other people. Obama told the group about his love for the 2009 drama Up in the Air, which co-starred Kendrick, saying it was a great film about the economy. When Obama got some one-on-one time with Kendrick, he jokingly apologized, saying, “I hope I didn’t embarrass you earlier.”

To which Kendrick blurted out: “Yeah, you’re such an a**hole.”

The next thing she said didn’t quite top calling the 44th president of the United States a cuss word, but it was close. Kendrick informed Obama she was the first of the group to arrive, prompting Obama to ask if punctuality was a common trait of those from Maine, from which she hails.

It isn’t, but Kendrick joked that it was, then added, “You didn’t know that? You’re the president!”

“So I called him an a**hole and scolded him for not knowing enough about the 50 states,” Kendrick told Colbert.

You can watch the video above. The relevant bit begins around 2:49.

(Via EW)