Anna Kendrick Is A Traitor For Reportedly Dating This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor

Well, this reeks: according to a murder of gossipy crows, or maybe just some guy on his laptop, the Legendrick herself, Anna Kendrick, is dating Alfie Allen, best known as the guy without a penis (and dignity) on Game of Thrones. The pair reportedly requested “a dark table” at a sushi joint in Las Vegas, which basically means they’re married. Little does Kendrick know…

Kendrick is a big Game of Thrones fan (such a traitor to House Stark), and I know just because she’s maybe dating someone who plays a weasel on TV doesn’t mean he’s a weasel in real life, but seriously, Theon??? Here’s my Anna Kendrick Dating Someone from Game of Thrones Power Rankings:

1. Me (in this scenario, I’m on Game of Thrones)
2. Dany/Margaery/Brienne
3. Hodor
4. Samwell
5. Hodor again

849. Theon

He finished one spot ahead of Rickon.

Via Hollywood