Anna Kendrick Wonders Whether She’s ‘Beer Commercial Hot’ In A Beer Commercial

UPDATE: Anna Kendrick Is Wearing Nothing But Body Paint In The Latest Newcastle Not-Super Bowl Ad

That dumb Chevy commercial with the cows? It cost $4 million, the price of a 30-second commercial for this year’s Super Bowl. That was too much money for Newcastle to promote their Brown Ale, though, so they came up with a more respectable use for the dough: they donated it to charity. Haha, no; they did something even better: they asked Anna Kendrick to star in their online-only anti-Super Bowl commercial about the Super Bowl.

Expanding on the idea that the beer company can’t afford to produce or buy a Super Bowl ad, Newcastle’s site includes the lead-in, “Welcome to the mega huge website we could afford for the mega huge football game ad we couldn’t afford.” The featured video is a spoof “Behind the Scenes” spot starring former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson. The site also has a behind-the-scenes spot with actress Anna Kendrick, who jokes about the commercial she was offered that Newcastle can’t even run. (Via)

Newcastle also asked Reddit for “free ideas, and we’ll turn them into free marketing.” The current most-Upvoted suggestion is, “Everyone is going to say cats. Logical answer. But it’s wrong. Bears. You need bears. Big bears, little bears, black bears, white bears. Drinking beers. Maybe with some antlers? And a subliminal mixture of ‘DEER?’ ‘BEAR?’ ‘BEER?’ popping up as they enjoy an amazingly refreshing beer,” which is far cry from what I thought Reddit’s top idea would be. (It’s best left as a mental image, but let’s just say it involves yoga pants and /popping.)

ANYWAY. Here’s Anna.

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