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Anne Heche went on Letterman Wednesday night, ostensibly to promote “Hung” on HBO.  But she also had enough time to say how much she hated her ex-husband, and how she’s happy she divorced him, and how she doesn’t want to see him, and how all he does is just collect alimony checks, and by the way nobody should ever get married because marriage didn’t work for her.

Hey, I get it.  Divorce is hard.  But a nationally televised late-night talk show is probably not the best forum to vent.  And I absolutely cannot STAND people who think that their experience translates across all of humanity.  “Oh, you absolutely CAN’T have kids before the age of thirty.  Dan and I waited until we were 32 and it’s been perfect.”  How self-centered and ignorant do you have to be to think that what’s right for you is right for everyone?  Get bent, Anne Heche.  And take your spaceship with you.

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