Anthony Anderson’s Special Golf Tournament Features ‘Special’ Brownies That Cheech Marin Can’t Handle

Golf is one of the few recreations in which players can openly imbibe debilitating substances. In fact, with my five years of caddying experience at a private club, I would say drinking is almost encouraged. Out west, Anthony Anderson belongs to a private club with Don Cheadle, Sam Jackson, Barry Bonds amongst others. They enjoy playing together often, but it’s Anderson’s special tournament, called “The Brownie Cup,” which is seemingly exclusive to Cheadle, George Lopez, Cheech Marin and himself, that’s the most interesting.

See, The Brownie Cup isn’t for anyone, and even those that sign up for it may regret doing so by hole 14. In The Brownie Cup, players are 100% sober through hole 9. Then, at the turn, they take two shots of tequila and down a weed brownie. Considering it takes about an hour for the brownie to kick in, they may take a little time to themselves in the clubhouse, grab some water for the oncoming cotton mouth, then head out there like the champions they are — completely obliterated on the back nine.

The big takeaway from Anderson’s interesting sporting revelation on Conan isn’t the existence of the tournament – weed brownies and golf go together like golf and light beer — it’s the fact that Cheech Marin can’t seem to handle his medicated baked desserts. Who knew?

(Via Team Coco)