Anthony Anderson Shocks Conan By Revealing A Bit Too Much About His Mother’s Sex Lessons

Most of the late night shows don’t many risks with their interviews these days. The days of Letterman turning nothing into television gold seem to be gone. Stephen Colbert will have a debate with certain guests that harken back to that, but usually, it’s Conan that is the only show where the interviews are still just as important as the “viral” moment that is manufactured each night.

Take his chat with Anthony Anderson that revolves around his mother teaching him and his siblings about sex. Specifically, how to do proper oral sex, a scenario that should spark the interest of any therapist and their bank account around the country. The story itself is funny enough and it would typically be something that is brought up before the movie plug on most of the other shows in late night. The difference here is how Conan and Andy react to Anderson’s story and how it weaves into something more than just a weird story.

It’s not the greatest interview ever, but it does give you something more than just moving from point to point in order to promote something. It’s all PR for something, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Also, Anthony Anderson is unapologetic about all of this and seems willing to sell his mother out to Conan by the end of the interview. That’s worth your time right away.

(Via Team Coco)