Anthony Bourdain Sadistically Bullies Jonah Ray In The ‘Hidden America’ Season 2 Trailer

The monumental success of Anthony Bourdain‘s food and travel program on CNN, Parts Unknown, means it was bound to attract plenty of send-ups. Enter Hidden America with Jonah Ray on Seeso, the faux food and travel show that sets out to explore the already-surveilled terrains of the North American continent (while Bourdain busies himself with the rest of the world). Led by stand-up comedian, Nerdist podcaster, and new MST3K host Jonah Ray, the comedy’s first season proved successful enough to warrant a second one — and a visit from Bourdain himself.

In the first trailer for Hidden America‘s new season, Ray’s caricature of himself makes pit stops in Miami, Cleveland, Honolulu, Washington D.C., Nashville, Minneapolis and Reno — as well as London, thereby taking the mockumentary international. Of course, all this success on Bourdain’s back couldn’t possibly go unnoticed by the prominent celebrity, so he guest stars as a rather mean-spirited version of himself. “Things stay unknown until I say they’re known,” he tells Ray after slamming him into a wall. “You got that?”

Parody notwithstanding, everyone knows the real Bourdain is actually a genuinely nice guy with an unfathomable amount of knowledge about the world’s culinary and cultural delights. Unless, of course, the conversation turns to Food Network celebrity pineapple Guy Fieri.