Animal Activists Want CNN To Cancel ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’

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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown has won a host of awards and, as far as food shows, is generally considered one of the best, thanks largely to Bourdain’s natural charisma and no-bullsh*t attitude. It also “glorifies and wallows in the savage, brutal suffering and slaughter of animals,” according to a recent petition that seeks to cancel the travel series.

Its author, Laura Wade, has written to CNN with her complaints, namely that Bourdain’s “debauched depiction of the killings of several animals on his show can only be meant to satisfy bloodlust in certain people, but ultimately horrify and scar all other viewers.” But they’ve never responded, so she’s asking animal rights activists to “sign my petition to tell CNN to cancel this TV show and that we will not accept animal torture as any form of entertainment.”

Please tell CNN and Anthony Bourdain that we will no longer be subjected to his Grand Guignol of gore, violence, cruelty and suffering of animals. By signing my petition, you will send a message to heartless executives that animal slaughter and the resulting agony must never be glorified or used as entertainment. Thank you for all who have a heart of human decency; your signature is much appreciated. (Via)

Even if you don’t agree with Wade, you gotta admit: “Grand Guignol of gore” is pure poetry. Bourdain has yet to respond to the petition, but when he does, it might look like this.

(Via the Petition Site)