Anthony Bourdain Sat Down For A Nice Meal With Omar And Marlo From ‘The Wire’

A few months back we ran a picture of Anthony Bourdain hanging out with actors Michael K. Williams and Jamie Hector (Omar and Marlo from The Wire) at a restaurant in Brooklyn while filming an episode of No Reservations. At the time it made me insanely jealous, because I want to hang out with Omar and Marlo, too. I would ask them questions like “What is it like to have played two of the most iconic characters on a show that has had such a resounding cultural impact?,” and “Do you guys ever go to Six Flags together and ride all the rides with big smiles on your faces just to blow people’s brains right out of their earholes?,” and “LET’S GO TO SIX FLAGS AND DO THAT RIGHT NOW.” I suppose, technically, that last one isn’t a question. Still, I think it’s important.

Anyway, now we have video of their meet-up, and, sure enough, it looks like a grand time.

The scene starts with Bourdain and Williams sitting down at a Crown Heights restaurant for a meal consisting of traditional Caribbean and African dishes, and then — in a moment Bourdain claims was completely unscripted — Hector walks into the restaurant while they’re filming and joins them at the table. So, yeah, place this one in the “It Seems Like It Would Be Pretty Cool To Be Anthony Bourdain” file.

It’s a thick file.

via Vulture