Just Because Anthony Hopkins Is On ‘Westworld’ Doesn’t Mean He’s Going To Watch It

Sir Anthony Hopkins does not care for television. Wait, that’s not entirely true. Sir Anthony Hopkins does not care for television that isn’t Breaking Bad. (Phew! That clears things up.) His disinterest in that magic box we all love is deep enough that the future Transformers actor can’t be bothered to watch his current HBO prestige drama.

At a recent press event, Hopkins shared that he isn’t enticed to check out his murder and morality driven quasi-western Westworld. (That’s a shame, Tony Hops. It’s pretty darn good.) In fact, Hopkins doesn’t even own a TV. It’s like he’s one of them cord-cutting millennials or sumpin’!

“I have my own Mickey Mouse theories that we have alienated ourselves in the world watching television all the time,” offered Hopkins on why he avoids TV’s warming glow. “We get all our information from that. So I stopped watching it. I don’t watch it, I don’t want to know”

Mind you, Hopkins did praise HBO’s “great reputation” during the event, so he’s not throwing the entire medium under the bus. It just sounds like TV is not for him. Maybe, he’d be more game to check out Westworld if more of it was glued into his brain.

“I have a delete button in my brain and I don’t remember the past very well,” he explained. “I can’t remember – we started two years ago. Just watching it now I’d forgotten I was in some of those scenes.”

Call us a touch sheltered, but we can’t help but think you might remember hanging out with naked wild west robots in theatrically sparse transparent rooms. Oh well, Anthony Hopkins just has to be on Westworld, we don’t mind if he doesn’t watch each episode or play show historian.

(Via New Zealand Herald & Oh No They Didn’t!)