April Ludgate Quotes For When You Need To Embrace Your Inner Evil Genius

10.10.17 2 years ago

Parks And Recreation‘s April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) is a lot of things: sullen misanthrope, apathetic government intern-turned-employee, secret wolf, and gleeful crusher of her co-workers’ dreams. But beneath her droll, deadpan demeanor and open disregard for her job beats the heart of a true evil genius.

While her softer side started to shine through eventually (mostly in her dealings with her future husband, Andy (Chris Pratt), and her fervent defense of animal rights), April never let anyone forget her dark heart and bleak worldview. The next time you need some inspiration to bring out the evil genius inside you, let these April Ludgate quotes show you the way.

“I love games that turn people against each other.”

Though April generally didn’t like engaging with her co-workers, she readily joined in the fun when the Parks department crew tried to dig up dirt on each other just to see who could find the most damning material should anyone ever run for office. It turned out everyone had their share of skeletons and public urinations in their closet, and although she was a little disappointed no one found any dirt on her, she did enjoy the chaos that ensued with everyone pitted against one another. When everyone’s busy fighting amongst themselves, you’re free to sit back and do whatever you’d like, including watch the carnage play out from the safety of your desk.

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