Watch How Arby’s Paid Tribute To Jon Stewart’s Exit From ‘The Daily Show’

As we noted earlier, Arby’s bought some ad space during Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show. The company has obviously been the butt of a lot of jokes over the years, but seemed to take it all in good spirits and used some to pay tribute to departing host Jon Stewart on his second to last night in fake news land. The first commercial above showcases some of Stewart’s better burns against the fast food company, capped with a fine rendition of The Golden Girls theme song.

The second is a little less reliant on the jokes at Arby’s expense and more focused on selling a sandwich to fill those empty areas that will be left upon Stewart’s exit. I’m sure he’d probably say something about running to the toilet if he had a chance to reply to the commericial.

I’m just a little tore up that we didn’t get a chance to see Arby’s spokesman, hero cop, private investigator, and Fox News loudmouth Bo Dietl in the second ad. He’s already on the payroll, get him to come in and provide a little counter balance to The Daily Show. He can call Al Sharpton “the fat rat” and tell us how Arby’s slices their meat in the store. It’d have been grand.

(Via Arby’s)