Watch Amber Nash Of ‘Archer’ Show Off Her ‘Butt Acting’ By Twerking To ‘Let It Go’

Our two favorite people who also happen to voice a cocaine fiend and a doctor with a very healthy obsession with Rush and tentacle porn on an animated series on FX, Archer‘s Amber Nash and Lucky Yates, hosted a Reddit AMA yesterday. They answered questions about…

Slipping into their characters’ voices

Lucky: “I’m basically using my actual voice for Krieger, so…”

Things we should look forward to in the new season

Amber: “I’m super stoked that there is an episode where we go back to Poovey Farms for Pam’s sister Edie’s wedding, they hate each other and it’s hilarious and Edie is played by Allison Tolman from Fargo!”

Their lives changing since the show became super popular

Lucky: “I get to do a lot of cool stuff like cons and award shows and I don’t have any debt.”

Amber: “The great part about being a voice actor is that my life hasn’t changed all that much except in good ways like I have health insurance and my incidents of eating crackers for dinner have greatly diminished. I still get to live in Atlanta and do shows at Dad’s Garage every weekend!”

Secret talents

Lucky: “My face acting.”

Amber: “My butt acting.”

If she doesn’t win the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Butt Actress, I’m going to be pissed.