‘Archer’ + Bell Biv DeVoe = A.M. Links

04.08.11 7 years ago 26 Comments

Mornin’, everybody. Before we get into today’s links, here’s your Bell Biv DeVoe reference from last night’s “Archer.” For those wondering about the second leader board that was shown: Moonsie, Bennett, and Kotero were the singers in Appolonia 6.

Week in Review: Television Will Never Be the Same. Burnsy gives you a tour through the week’s odd stories, from gay skeletons to the Human Centipede musical. [UPROXX]

Scam: Russian Ass Torpedo Cures Alcoholism. Wow, I want no part of that whatsoever. [The Smoking Section]

A Shakespeare version of Terminator 2? A Nashville theater is adapting the film for the stage using only lines of dialogue from Shakespeare’s plays. This is why the government cuts funding for the arts, people. [Gamma Squad]

Chinese 3-D Porn Not the World’s First 3-D Porn. Whoa, slow down there. You had me at Chinese 3-D porn. [FilmDrunk]

Alison Brie GIF of the Week: thanks to FilmDrunkard @Jacktion for sharing (click for larger).

Kate Upton Bikini OuttakesHnnnnnggggg. [Egotastic]

Ben Roethlisberger is a saint. He and his fiancée aren’t going to live together before marriage due to Roethlisberger’s religious convictions. Well, it’s nice to see he has some convictions. Usually the charges are dropped. [With Leather]

The Adventures of Dickie and Coover. For those of you jonesing for more discussion of Wednesday night’s episode of “Justified,” here’s a recap with generous amounts of screencaps and video. [Grizzly Bomb]

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