Who’s The Most Sploosh-Worthy Guest Star On ‘Archer’?

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11.19.15 7 Comments

Over its six seasons, Archer has racked up quite the list of guest stars. With the fast-paced, sometimes obscure pop culture riffs that the show is built on, it takes a lot of comedic talent to pull off some of the show’s wackiest characters, including space pirates, nonplussed hillbillies, and tracksuit-wearing cyborgs. That’s why Archer has mined the majority of TV actors and comedians to voice its variety of faces.

Some of the show’s greatest guest stars are actually playing themselves, or rather versions of themselves set in the Archer universe where they can shoot guns and drink green Russians. Burt Reynolds and Kenny Loggins have voiced their own Archer-ized selves, while Christian Slater plays “Slater” (although he’s basically become a main cast member). David Cross and Jeffrey Tambor, two Arrested Development actors, have had recurring roles as they joined old cast mates Judy Greer and Jessica Walter. Two of the big bad season finale villains were voiced by Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm. Timothy Olyphant appeared as Archer’s old spy buddy. Jack McBrayer joined as Gillette’s brother, while Eugene Mirman has played Cheryl’s (Carol’s).

The names go on and on until you hear a character on the show and get actually disappointed that a celeb isn’t responsible for them. What, Bill Burr wasn’t available? Where is Hannibal Buress’s aloof-but-astute spy? Why can’t Mike Birbiglia play the affable supervillain? We need all of you in the show! The only guest star announced for season seven yet is Patton Oswalt, but I’m sure they’ll work their way around to every stand-up comedian ever.

Who was your favorite Archer guest star?

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