The ‘Cherlene’ Country Album From ‘Archer’ Is Available For Pre-Order And You Can Preview ‘Danger Zone’

I’m as bummed as everyone else about no new Archer last night (or next week) thanks to the Russians The Winter Olympics, but there is a silver lining: CHERLENE’S ALBUM IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ON ITUNES AND YOU CAN LISTEN TO 90 SECONDS OF COUNTRY “DANGER ZONE” WITH KENNY LOGGINS.

OK, deep breaths. If you were already excited about the Cherlene storyline for more, um, visual reasons before, I think you’ll be equally excited to preview all the songs on iTunes for the new legit country album (suck it), simply titled “Cherlene.”

Here’s a look at the iTunes preview web page. That’s right, 22 five star ratings for an album that’s only available for pre-order until March 3rd. Bonus “LANA!” customer review. Keep making this world a better place all things Archer and “Archer Vice.”

Images via FX & iTunes