Must Watch: The ‘Archer’ Team Archerized The ‘Danger Zone’ Music Video From ‘Top Gun’ And It’s Perfect

It’s finally here, folks. Since the first time Sterling Archer told Lana Kane to “Call Kenny Loggins” we’ve all pretty much been begging for an Archer-ized version of the spirit guide of all music videos and didn’t even know it. And now our friends at FX and Floyd County have been excellent enough to give us the exclusive first look at the Archer Universe’s version of the “Danger Zone” video from Top Gun just as they’ve put the finishing touches on it. The world is sure to be a better place now that this exists.

The animated remake to end all animated music video remakes is a special treat for those lucky enough to be attending the Archer panel at New York Comic Con this weekend. I honestly can’t think of a better crowd-pleaser for die hard fans of all things ISIS, so let’s get to watching before I spoil it all…

Man oh man oh man. So. Much. To. Cover. Sterling as Maverick? Of course. Cyril is Goose? Perfect. Barry and the Iceman teeth chomp? Perfecter. Lana with 80s Kelly McGillis hair? Owning it. Pam doubling for a young Meg Ryan? Yes yes yes yes.

But I think we can all agree that Krieger in sunglasses channeling Kenny Loggins getting his bedroom rock on is what takes this from win to mega win.

Archer, you magnificent bastards. New York Comic-Con is lucky to have you.

I want more like this!

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