‘Archer’s’ Totally Awesome Supercut

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02.17.12 6 Comments

I have been totally exhausted with the proliferation of supercut videos over the last year or two (a trend that both Vince at FilmDrunk through Oliver and myself at Pajiba through Harry Hanrahan totally had a big hand in creating) to the point that I totally ignore most supercuts now because I totally don’t care about watching different characters totally say the same phrase over and over for five minutes (the last great supercut, in my opinion, was totally Pajiba’s Sean Bean Death Reel, which is totally tragic and sad). In fact, I’d totally be OK with retiring the supercut all together.

However, if the supercut is totally going to die, I think this totally cool “Archer” supercut — which totally impregnated me with its awesomeness — is a totally perfect way to send the supercut into retirement.

This is totally annoying, isn’t it? It’s totally worth it. You will totally eyebang this video.

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