Sterling Archer Meets The ‘Kingsman’ For A Drunken Spy Dream Crossover

While it isn’t clear what the future is for Sterling Archer on his own series, he still has some time to make some fantasy appearances with other spies as part of a little cross-brand promotion. That’s where this animated meeting between Archer and Taron Egerton’s “Eggsy” comes into play, allowing FX’s titular spy to ransack the Kingsman gadget stash and try on one of those fine British suits. It doesn’t end well for him, though.

Both spies have a bit of a standoff, with Archer dropping plenty of quick references and barbs aimed at England throughout. As usual, Archer shows that he’s still pretty talented as a spy, even if he’s a self-centered ass who drinks far too much. He also runs afoul of his own hubris, trying to drink all of the liquor in an impromptu drinking contest and ending up with a penis drawn on his face.

This isn’t the first time that Archer has had some fun with other films in the midst of Comic-Con. Today was clearly Kingsman’s big day at the convention, but Archer also made some fun Mad Max references during its own panel back in 2015. Pam as Immortan Joe is something that should never be forgotten.

Also, speaking of Kingsman, I’d like to see Halle Berry have a drinking contest with Archer in a future season of the show. She’s going to win, of course, but it’s a nice way to get a former Bond girl on the show.

(Via Fox)