They Have A Tell-Tale Shimmer: 10 Of ‘Archer’s’ Most Visually Distinctive Homages To Movies

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02.06.13 8 Comments

As you may have gathered from the title of tonight’s Archer, the episode features quite the homage to Midnight Run (and as you’ve probably also guessed, is amazing). So to prep the brilliant folks over at Floyd County were kickass enough to help me research and provide sparkling images for many of the most visually identifiable film homages the show has produced over its three-plus seasons.

Should you have picked up on all of these as they happened? Yes. Are they in alphabetical order by movie, including a link for comparison’s sake in case you didn’t? Also, yes.

S3’s “Space Race” as a whole may have been a fairly elaborate Moonraker parody, but the power loader was all Ripley.

The double jump from “White Knights” is spot-on Butch and Sundance, even down to the simultaneous expletives.

Kind of amazing it took till Season 2 for Krieger to implement the Modified Ludovico.

From “Pipeline Fever,” the finest vest + bow replication the world has ever seen.

Cyril is prone to being seduced.

From “Skin Game,” Barry and Katya’s cyborg facial expressions say it all.

Tom Cruise doesn’t have sh*t for tactilenecks.

From “El Contador,” Predator isn’t completely invisible. “He has a tell-tale shimmer!”

This should be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

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