ISIS Gets Social: 10 Things We Learned From Our Favorite ‘Archer’ Characters On Facebook And Twitter

FX greeted us with an early holiday gift last week with the announcement that Archer will return on January 17th. But that’s still over a month away and most of us will find ourselves in need of a regular ISIS fix between now and then. Well, as you may or may not be aware, there’s just enough Archer goodness scattered around the world wide web to keep you leveled off until the S4 premiere (I, for one, am afraid if I quit cold turkey the cumulative hangover will kill me).

So as a sort of Danger Zone PSA for all the diehards I’d like to point you in the right direction while also providing highlights thus far. And as a bonus, I’m happy to announce — via our friends at FX — that Dr. Krieger has now joined in on the fun, and his Twitter account is run by our very own friend of the program, Lucky Yates. Oh, and did I mention the one and only Amber Nash runs the Pam account? Because that’s important.

Here’s a complete breakdown of ISIS + Social Media followed by highlights and original graphics you may have missed, like the Punkin Chunkin competition above. Heh, heh, “Heavy Gourdinance.” I get it.

Sterling Archer: Twitter & Facebook. Pam Poovey: Twitter & Facebook. Dr. Krieger: Twitter & Facebook.

Pam’s Gossip Train: here and here

2013: Gator.

Pam’s Gossip Train

“Animated Comedies Not Named ‘The Simpsons’ for $300, Alex.”

Archer has a theory.

“Here’s a pic of the new Cramer uniform since no one asked.”

Start from the bottom.


And bonus Pam…