'Archer' Plans To Un-Reboot Next Season And Go Back To Doing All That Spy Stuff

03.25.14 5 years ago 42 Comments

Archer kind of turned its whole universe on its head this season*, replacing the ISIS-related spy missions and hijinks with cocaine-related drug missions and hijinks. On paper, a terrific, fun idea. In practice, well, it’s still pretty terrific and fun, but if you’ve been finding yourself sitting around and missing all the undercover escapades and turtleneck subterfuge every now and then, I have some good news for you: According to Archer creator Adam Reed, the show will probably “un-reboot” next season and “get back to the basics of some spy missions.”

Some things from this season will still carry over, though, Reed told EW. Like, for example, Lana’s baby, who appears to be in excellent hands:

“I wrote this down the other day: ‘Somebody walks in on Pam [Poovey, ISIS human resources director] chewing up Vienna sausages and then spitting them into the baby’s mouth like a gorilla.’ They’re like, ‘What are you doing?’ And she’s like, ‘This is how I always do it!’”

Pam Poovey: Babysitter. That is a concept I can get behind. I mean…

This baby is doomed in the best way possible.

*Assuming universes have human-like bodies with skulls at the top that are capable of being tipped over and held upside-down, possibly by physically larger, more popular universes in letterman jackets, all of which I choose to believe. Prove me wrong, deGragge Tyson.

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