The Best Moments And Most Repeatable Lines From This Week’s Revenge-Rampaging ‘Archer’

This week’s Archer featured the long awaited return of Conway Stern, or whatever his name is. There’s also the matter of a revenge rampage…

Archer has you covered for “burn” burns and “burn” burn comebacks.

Your new favorite wager.

Your new favorite “mom” comeback.

For the next time you encounter a major dickhole.

When you’re interacting with military personnel.

If you’re looking to really piss off a woman who’s recently given birth.

When you’ve given a fake name that’s actually your real name.

And for when you’re in real bad shape but still want to make a Star Wars reference.

Bonus GIFs! Because Ray is the best at smoking.

And Krieger built next holiday season’s top selling item. Mr. Bearjangles!

And of course, that epic revenge rampage…