The Best Of Last Night’s ‘Archer’ And A Discussion With Associate Art Director Chad Hurd

Production Note: We welcome Archer Associate Art Director Chad Hurd in to chat with us for the first time this season. He will be here at 1pm EST. Please direct all your feline AIDs questions @Chad.

“Coyote Lovely” is actually the episode those of us lucky enough to attend the Archer Comic-Con panel were treated to last summer. I can’t tell you how difficult it has been for me to sit on Archer-is-autistic and “Chewie, back me up here — was there not, like, a c*ck-hungry vibe?” over six months. I’ve coped by only implementing the Chewie line in my personal life. Gets more use than you’d think.

Before we get to the notes let me say that last night’s episode is the only ongoing immigration debate to ever hold my attention. Some (none here, I presume) will probably take issue with the use of illegal aliens as a running source of comedy on an animated sitcom. My thoughts: The approach is more than kosher as long as the jokes aren’t too easy and you equal opportunity ridicule all the contradictions on the US-end. And of course drop in a “spook” gag for good measure. So, as always, well played Adam Reed. Well played.

And just in case everyone didn’t pick up on it, two FX favorites — Nick Searcy and Dayton Callie — voiced guest characters last night. That philandering two-timer Matt Thompson provides the full scoop on their appearances over at Vulture. Now to the notes and GIFs.

  • “Sun-Blasted Sh*thole” would fit nicely on Texas license plates, no?
  • “I’m stacking rocks in order of descending size,” or “I can do this all day since I find repetitive behavior so calming.” — Who ya got?
  • Big, big fan of finding new and creative ways to injure Cyril.
  • Concussions are still super bad for you, but Sterling and Goodell agree you get approximately six freebies.
  • Never Forget: Krieger is always listening, just waiting to pump the building full of experimental toxins.
  • Love me some Searcy, but Dayton Callie’s disgraced alcoholic veterinarian may be my all-time favorite one-off character.
  • Absolutely LOVE Lana’s realization that babysitting Archer is EXACTLY her job. Aisha Tyler’s voice work is far too often taken for granted.
  • Archer’s running concern over a possible beej in the midst of border-jumping, shootouts, and emergency medical procedures is why you can never not love Sterling Archer.

And finally, “Coyote Lovely’s” production number is 402, so pretty sure Bilbo’s death not being an awesome afterthought a few episodes down the line was the result of some FX re-ordering. At least he went out sarcastically tracking down station wagons in Texas. RIP Bilbo.

Chet Manley GIFs on the next two pages as to not crash too many browsers. Welcome Chad!

Cyril brought it on himself.

Lana, not so much.

A little something for the Pam lovers.

That’s just sub-par border patrolling.

Like I always say, elaborate voicemail hoaxes will come back to haunt you when you’re having bullets removed by an disgraced alcoholic veterinarian.

Ask Brett. Suck it, Chet. So maybe we’ll see Bilbo again? Or he maybe he’ll just make for some flabby spare parts.

See you guys next week when we go full Piggly.