The Best Of Last Night’s Krieger-ific ‘Archer’ And A Discussion With Art Director Neal Holman

Note: Archer Art Director — and the moaning vocals behind Brett Buckley — Neal Holman will be dropping in this afternoon. Please direct all questions @Neal in the thread.

We’ll spend days, weeks, months, entire Rush reunion tours debating the best Kriegerisms from the treasury that was “Legs.” It was the Krieger heavy episode you’ve all been clamoring for, and it did not disappoint. From the initial legs pitch to Ray’s drugging was absolute Archer gold and should be re-watched three times, minimum.

I have XL-sized notes prior to a Chet Manley GIF bonanza so let’s get right to it…

  • I fear we’ll never get the El Camino backstory that I so desire.
  • The Rome misdirection for a quasi-bottle episode was a nice touch.
  • “Yeah, but is that worth it?” – The correct response after genuinely contemplating spending your life in a wheelchair just so you never have to buy new shoes.
  • Wikipedia and Google Translate neither confirm or deny that “Biotics” is Greek for “Kick ass!” I, for one, choose to believe.
  • Remember, Space Bot?
  • “So what you’re telling me is, the human body is basically a potato clock.” – Me in every physician consultation going forward.
  • Have they subtly gone back to Carol?
  • Either name, I appreciated it a little to much when she went full Sudden Clarity Clarence at the idea that all words are made up.
  • Two non-consecutive messages: Classic Grover Cleveland.
  • “He’s a black,” and everything about that exchange is perfect proof ofSunny’s”it’s not racist if it’s funny” theory.
  • As Chet pointed out in our email exchanges, almost too many callbacks to track last night. Our count: “Me too!,” Kid Archer’s sexy vacuum, “Also, yes,” Brett Buckley – gunshot victim, and a glimpse at everyone’s favorite diversity hire, Conway Stern (more on that in a bit).
  • The always conscientious Lobster Mobster just tipped us that Archer action figures are on their way. Get excited.
  • She also provided this interesting nugget: “The door to Krieger’s lab came from this warship (serving in the Kriegsmarine!), which spent most of its time in South America, and hey, Krieger’s a Boy from Brazil.”
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: Empire, Terminator (all of them, including the gay one), and Maximum Overdrive.

I could literally triple these bullet points but after a while they get disorienting, so on a final pre-GIFs note I’d like to pose a question: How many shows can pull off setting up a running gag like Fourth a Ja-Luau with five minutes left in the episode and it still kill? We lost one last night and I’m not sure there are more in our future, which makes me all

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All other El Camino descriptions have been rendered obsolete.

Um. Who doesn’t?

It’s only completely creepy if she’s completely dead.

Krieger patient consults are the best patient consults.

Conway (!!!). Let’s all say a quick prayer that we see Mr. Stern and his Skywalker arm again at some point in the near future.

This is just good nursing.

But even the finest nurses have to get it together every so often.


She mad.

But how can you stay mad at Ron Cadillac?

Also, Ray’s back!

Life lesson: No matter what you’ve been through, never wear a sweater vest.

Next Week: “Midnight Ron.” Get excited.