The Best Of Last Night’s Delectable ‘Archer’ And A Discussion With Art Director Neal Holman

Note: Archer Art Director Neal Holman will be dropping in around 12:30PMest. Please direct all your clever and insightful questions @Neal in the thread.

I’m a self-described “scripted or GTFO” kind of TV guy, so I’m just going to assume Archer nailed the restaurant reality angle to open “Live and Let Dine.” Sure felt like they did. The out of focus camera pans, the go-to commercial graphics, and the bumpers — the bumpers were simply magical.

Let’s do a quick alias count: Archer = Randy Randerson; Cyril = Chet Manley; Lana = Mitzi, Hostess/Failed Actress; and Ray = Gilles De Rais, Child-Murderer (lose the hyphen, people). I’m not sure how our own Chet Manley feels about Cyril claiming ownership to his name for good, but I for one love it. And it’s pretty much the lucky day of any new UPROXX commenter. I expect to see a Randy Randerson ABBAB-ing others in thread below within minutes of this going live.

There’s a lot more to discuss, like Bourdain doing his best Bourdain (that “dinosaur’s tampon” line was a gift to the universe), eggplant vs. aubergine, and Spain in the ’30s, all of which I feel work better in bullet point and/or GIF format, so let’s get to them.

  • “Thank you, giraffe lady.” – Clearly the fastest way to endear a guest star is with a Lana jab. Clearly.
  • I respect the dedication to the slippery bowl bit.
  • I’m writing some variation of “Chet sucks” on every whiteboard I come across going forward in hopes of making the day of assorted Archer fans.
  • All dialog in my daily life over the next few weeks is going to be dedicated to creating make believe reality show bumpers.
  • Secret Agent > Master Chef > Architect, if you’re keeping score at home.
  • Nothing quite as disheartening as being told by the two participants of a negotiated handjob that you’ll die alone. Poor Pam.
  • Ray’s 18% gratuity server dilemma is the new Reservoir Dogs tipping conversation.
  • Cyril could not be doing a better impression of my dad’s underwear drawer this season. Absolutely nailing it.
  • Second glass-coating of the season? Second glass-coating of the season.
  • I wasn’t aware cyborgs could be neutered, but that’s apparently the case with Barry.

No real Pop Culture Reference Count to speak of this week as the episode was incredibly light on them (sans all the reality cooking) or I was incredibly obtuse while viewing. Cruella Deville and the Kennedys is about all I got, but I’m sure there’s some brave soul out the willing to correct me.

As always, glorious GIFs by Chet Manley on the next pages.

This is just a good exit.

I don’t know what Bourdain’s new show is planning graphics-wise, but I the work has clearly already been done for them.

Pouty fish is pouty.

Behold the new UPROXX comments mission statement GIF.

Pam has the best extracurricular activities.

Chet Manley was not cut out for kitchen life.

This whole sequence was straight out of a romantic comedy.

Just nailing upper class.

And if only GIFs had audio…