All The Pop Culture References From Last Night’s ‘Archer’

The primary objective of “Palace Intrigue: Part II” may have been to make up for the lack of overall pop culture reference so far this Archer season. I am very OK with this. Film references are always welcome but there’s just something extra special about obscure historical and/or political references. I have a feeling Adam Reed caved on a donation to Wikipedia after writing this one.

Since not as many individual lines or moments jumped out to me this week I’ll be touching on the pop culture references individually.

  • Has the She Hulk reference ever been made before when referencing Lana’s man hands? I don’t recall it, and as someone who takes much joy in man hand jokes and had weird adolescent feelings towards She Hulk, I greatly appreciated it.
  • Also, as someone who has made five too many trips to Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach mentions will also never fail to please me.
  • I’ve never felt as sad for any character on the show as Krieger when he watched the gang not care about him. And then I’ve never felt as happy as when he discovered Frog Child.
  • Jorge Washington 2016
  • Dave Frishberg, ladies and gentleman.
  • I was momentarily heartbroken when Archer swore off Steve McQueen. Thank god for you, misdirection.
  • I think we all feel the need to brush up on William Howard Taft today.
  • Speaking of Dave Frishberg, he wrote the “I’m Just A Bill” song for Schoolhouse Rock. If you’ve never seen it before consider yourself no longer a citizen until you watch this.
  • Lauren Cohan’s “Honestly” was a thing of beauty, and not just thanks to the animation.
  • A+ on “Give my regards to William Howard Taft” as well.
  • That final Pam line was fun and all but I’ll take “Because I’m not a pussy” when answering “How are you not dead?” every time.
  • And for you youngsters who didn’t get “Mike Du-cockless,” take a look here real quick. (Note: that was also very good. I didn’t mean to imply it wasn’t.)
  • All the other Pop Culture references: Bee Gees, Meatballs, Citizen Kane, Jerry Lee Lewis, Peanuts.

Check out Chet’s most excellent GIFs here, but first, the slap gag that keeps getting funnier.