The Best Of Last Night’s Archer And A Discussion With Lead Character Designer Chi Duong

Production Note: We welcome Lead Character Designer Chi Duong in to chat with us for the first time this season. She will be here a little after 12PM ET. Please DO NOT direct all your Redeemer paddle questions @Chi.

I was going to mention something about the coincidental timeliness of The Pope/Vatican storyline, but I think we’re all more interested in agent Pam learning foreign languages on an overseas flight like the gayest X-Man. It’s still unclear as to whether Pam-in-the-field will be a recurring thing but there’s no denying it was fun. We might just have to have Amber Nash drop by to chat about it.

Anyhoo, the penultimate episode of Season 4 gave us a lot of gorgeous artwork of Rome and as much Woodhouse as we’ve seen all season. Did George Coe sound different to anyone else? Maybe it’s all the spiderweb consumption. Some notes before we get to some jazz hand-y GIFs.

  • Finding new and interesting ways to feature Lana’s man hands will never not make me happy.
  • Do you guys think sometimes Ron Lieberman just tags along with Jessica Walter to her voice recording sessions so they just find ways to add him in? I don’t think I actually want to know the answer.
  • H. Jon Benjamin voiced Satan in Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil if you’re looking for that reference to make more sense.
  • Lana in nun outfit with Redeemer paddle? Lana in nun outfit with Redeemer paddle.
  • Seriously, the artwork and action sequences could not have been prettier if they had plucked their eyebrows. I f’n love Rome. /cool story bro
  • My inner geek enjoys the back-to-back X-Men reference so much I’m kind of ashamed of it.
  • “Trope Alert!” Of course the show that poops on all tropes called it’s own trope. Classic them.
  • “Nice job, Oliver Cromwell.” Read a history book anyone who clicks on that link.
  • Junky Brewster is my new all-time favorite Punky Brewster pun, topping my gay nightclub idea: Hunky Brewster.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about halberds.
  • Bill Paxton’s character was a way worse colleague, right?
  • Romansh is practical!
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: The Wiz, Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil, Pink PantherTrainspotting, X-Men, Punky Brewster, Aliens, “Free Bird,” William Safire, and Payne Stewart.

Am I the only one equal parts oddly touched and distressed about Archer’s concern for Lana lately? I’m conflicted. Not as conflicted as Gambit though. Chet pointed out to me that Rogue is the perfect beard when he sent this GIF over. I concur, confirming that both Chet and I did not date in high school.

Chet Manley GIFs on the page as to not crash too many browsers. Welcome Chi! We’ll be nice! Swear!

Quite possibly the GIF-iest sequence in Archer history.

So this happened.


This is just good secret agent-ing.

Probably might favorite go-to-commercial moment of the season.

It even got the mustache.

Next week: Part one of the two-part underwater finale. Get excited.